Carl Sagan Day – Pub Night

So I was a bit pressed on time and energy on this one, Made it in 7 hours overnight… and by that I mean from 11pm-6am haha


The Sun Was Never a Child

Just experimenting, The type is a typeface I modified.. it is a poem by the Iranian poet Sirous Jamali.
Here’s an unofficial horrible translation I will do my best… it should butcher the poem because I’m not a translator, but it will get the main message across.. minus the graceful manner in which it does it in Farsi.

Come sit! There’s space.
The one who was promised to bring me dreams
came and took away my sleep too…
The Na├»ve I, was thinking like the sun’s childhood
but I completely forgot
that the sun was never a child

Euthanasia Debate Poster

An older poster I made for CFI, Printed across Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Kelowna, and Kamloops) for debates held about the issue of euthanasia.
Used google sketchup for some of the models and photoshop to add depth, colour, fog, and improve textures and shadows.

Stone Book

Yes a book with a cover made of stone… I talked to many people and they all said it was impossible and that I was crazy, but there it is… the secret ingredient is using your head to make it work.
Please look at the PDF to see all the details about the making of it, and if you really like it I might make one for you… but it won’t be cheap :)
It isn’t just about the binding though, the poem, the photography, the typography, and drawings are all part of the package and I worked equally hard on all of them.
Process book final