Expressive Typography class, We had a series of journals we wrote throughout the year. In the end we had to look back at them and decide to express our mind’s occupations as presented by the journals in an expressive way using typography. It was a very vague outline, but not one of those annoying vagues ones, this was about ourselves after all, so we could do anything we liked with material generated by ourselves.

Looking back at my journals I realized that most of them had something to do with future. Either my future, the planet’s future, or humanity’s future. What I realized about the word “future” through reading my journals was that it is always something that we will never fully see. No matter how much we look into it and how many factors we take into account, there is something about the future that we will miss to see.

This box is an expresion of that, future is transparent, we have a vague idea of what it will look like, we change our perspective and look at it from different directions, but there is also an element that we can’t see through to get the full picture: chance… no matter how solid the future is: fate, chance is that liquid that covers it up.


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