Audi Annual Report

We had to make 3 spreads for an annual report for a company/organization of our choice. I chose Audi because lately my brother has been obsessed with getting one and it was the first company that came to my mind. I actually like the company now I have been successfully brainwashed after looking at their past annual reports.

My concept is to have the annual report for 2010 move toward a more “in the context of the user” direction. I looked at their past reports and they used a lot of stylized photographs before and rarely showed the vehicle in the context of the user. But looking at their 2010 first quarterly report I was disappointed to see one of those motion blur kind of pictures with the car, it made it look cheap and less elegant. SOOOoooo…. I thought if that is the direction they want to go to (as opposed to the stylized pictures) they can still convey the elegance of the car when it is parked.

So yeah I searched the interwebz for pictures of Audi cars in that sort of position… for 3 days.. that’s right, it took me three days because I needed super high resolution pics… and finally here it is…

the middle spread is a content spread. Audi has a habit of giving themselves good adjectives followed by their logo.. so I though.. okay…. u like good adjectives and logo why not make a table of content with just that!? Each circle is a chapter: Originality, Understanding, Precision, Sustainability. And the ares they overlap are sub chapters: Originality and Understanding result in “Cult Icon”. Understanding and Precision result in “Success”, Precision and Sustainability result in “Efficiency”…

And finally the last spread is a spread of one of their articles, the text is mostly gibberish because in terms of deign it doesn’t make much difference. On the left there is an info-graph though… see if you can figure out what its saying.

PS: I do not take credit for the photos, I did this project a while ago and unfortunately have lost the sources on flickr


2 responses to “Audi Annual Report

  1. I absolutely LOVE this. I have to come up with 10 samples of good publication design for my Typography class and I hope I can borrow this? Amazing stuff.

    • Sorry for the extremely late reply, I’ve been busy with work. Yes by all means, use it for your research, just as long as you don’t claim it obviously :) And thank you for the complements!

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