Applied Arts Magazine (Future of Design)

This was for a contest which i didn’t win, because I was busy with other projects :/
Basically they asked us to redesign the magazine, they had some content given to us and some restrictions but it was really open and we could pretty much do what ever we wanted as long as it was reasonable.

I did the cover myself using google sketchup to make the 3D letters, then I exported it into photoshop and did some editing there. This was the firs course that actually taught m how to set type in body copy.
All photo credits have been given in the articles.


4 responses to “Applied Arts Magazine (Future of Design)

    • I’ve come to realize this too! Not just in visual arts either.. like when I play music the most beautiful are the easiest to play. I guess sometime we just take things too seriously or strictly, but part of it is luck as well :P

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