One Word: Sixteen Ways

We each picked a random word out of a hat and had to show it in 16 different ways with simple, legible graphics. Can you guess what word this is?


5 responses to “One Word: Sixteen Ways

  1. Really?! Woo hoo! I am awesome! Nice blog, I like analyzing stuff and I was a bit confused at first with I think two images but I took a chance haha!

    • good stuff. How did you find my blog? I’ve been having the same posts on blogger and never got any comments, I’m still in the process of uploading all my works here, so I’ll be uploading a lot of stuff in the next few days :P

      • I found it on the tags section next to the freshly pressed. I’ve been using wordpress for a month now and its easier to get your word out. Also, I reblog many posts that I find interesting so let me know when you put some more on here and I’ll help you out a little(:

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